Charter schools, including each of DC Prep’s campuses, are fully public schools – meaning that they are open to any student living in Washington and they operate on public dollars. There are no admissions tests or tuition fees at charter schools.

However, charters are freed from many of the rules that burden regular public schools. Charter schools have flexibility in the design of their school programs, their personnel decisions, and their resource allocation. In exchange for this freedom, public charter schools are held accountable for their school's performance including student achievement, organizational and fiscal management, and stakeholder satisfaction. For more information on charter schools, please refer to the organizations and associations listed below:

DC Public Charter School Board
Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (“FOCUS”) 
The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (“OSSE”)

DC Prep 2017-18 School Year Family Resources 

School Plan and Family Handbook
Uniform Policies and Pricing
Click here for information on DC Prep's grade-specific uniform policies, our preferred uniform vendor, and price points.
Family Calendars* and School Supply Lists 
Edgewood Elementary Campus  |  EEC School Supply List
Edgewood Middle Campus  |  EMC School Supply List
Benning Elementary Campus  |  BEC School Supply List
Benning Middle Campus  |  BMC School Supply List
Anacostia Elementary Campus  |  AEC School Supply List
*(Subject to change as the school year progresses - for up to date listings visit our Events webpage.)
Campus Health Profiles and Background Information

Displaying Student Work
DC Prep uses data to celebrate our students' successes and to measure their progress. We post student work in classrooms and on our data walls from which teachers plan their teaching priorities. If you do not wish to have your child's work displayed, please contact Thank you.

Notice of Schoolzilla Data Breach
DC Prep uses Schoolzilla PBC to warehouse student data. Schoolzilla recently informed all of its customers of a security incident that affected many clients, including DC Prep. We have no reason to believe that the incident will impact our students or their information. If you have any further questions, please visit Schoolzilla’s webpage describing the incident.

DC Prep 2017-18 School Year Menus

DC Prep partners with Revolution Foods to serve students healthy, nutritious meals. Revolution Foods’ Culinary Center is a peanut and tree nut-free facility. Revolution Foods tracks for the eight major allergens: dairy, wheat, soy, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish, and shellfish. If your student is susceptible to these or has other special dietary needs, please reach out to the Operations Manager at your child’s campus.

November Menus
Early Childhood Breakfast | Lunch
K-8 Breakfast | Lunch

October Menus
Early Childhood Breakfast | Lunch
K-8 Breakfast | Lunch

September Menus
Early Childhood Breakfast | Lunch
K-8 Breakfast | Lunch

August Menus
Early Childhood Breakfast | Lunch
K-8 Breakfast | Lunch



What our Leaders are Saying

“The DC Prep Way is our secret sauce – the things we believe and the things we do, that set DC Prep apart and enable us to accomplish our mission.”
Katie Severn, President and Chief Academic Officer