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TWITTER | MAY 22, 2017
So proud of this @DCPrep parent for chasing and achieving her dreams. #MondayMotivation @nbcwashington @CatholicUniv
@DCPREP | 02:58 PM
FACEBOOK | MAY 22, 2017
We're so proud of this inspiring DC Prep parent for chasing and achieving her dreams. Congratulations to the whole family!! #MondayMotivation
A woman who was once homeless and addicted to drugs tells News4's Meagan Fitzgerald how she turned her life around for her children and has earned a master's degree from Catholic University. "If you see it, you believe it and you can achieve it," Petrina Williams said.
TWITTER | MAY 21, 2017
Join our team as a Data and Enrollment Associate! You'll manage data critical for student achievement. Learn more:…
@DCPREP | 11:30 PM
TWITTER | MAY 20, 2017
RT @tearsacoates: "Parent voices are critical to better education" Jenny Niles, Dep Mayor of Ed @dcpave @DCPrep #pavesummit
@DCPREP | 09:56 PM
TWITTER | MAY 20, 2017
RT @MySchoolDC: DME Niles kicking off @dcpave 1st annual #parentsummit. So many great parent voices in the room!
@DCPREP | 03:38 PM
TWITTER | MAY 19, 2017
Kicking off the weekend in fine style: Our 5th grade Edgewood Middle Preppies, clearly enjoying our nation's capita…
@DCPREP | 10:09 PM
TWITTER | MAY 19, 2017
RT @raymondweeden: Thank you @cmdgrosso @marycheh @vincegrayward7 for helping fund our public schools! #fundourkids
@DCPREP | 06:19 PM
TWITTER | MAY 19, 2017
So many partners/friends to shout-out in the #ff spirit: @GirlsWhoCode @dcpave @McnBuildDC @nsvf @DCBullyBusters (w…
@DCPREP | 05:12 PM
TWITTER | MAY 19, 2017
RT @MySchoolDC: ATTN Parents: We've got your Sat plans ready. Come out to PAVE's 1st #parentsummit. @MySchoolDC will be there & we hope you…
@DCPREP | 04:42 PM
FACEBOOK | MAY 19, 2017
We are so proud to partner with PAVE and My School DC for the inaugural Parent Policy Summit on Saturday, 5/20, at our DC Prep Edgewood Elementary Campus. Our school is Metro- and Metrobus-accessible,* so come on out and let your voice be heard! The event is free and includes complimentary breakfast, lunch, and childcare! *Metro: Red Line (Catholic/Brookland; Rhode Island Ave) Metrobus: D8, G8
My School DC will be at PAVE's first annual parent policy summit on Saturday at DC Prep Edgewood Elementary along with other amazing service providers. Come out to learn more about the My School DC lottery and stay for PAVE's parent-led program. Register here: The event is free, breakfast and lunch are provided, and there's childcare!
TWITTER | MAY 18, 2017
"Treat shooting incidents as the tragedy they are" After violence in Ward 5, EMC teacher pens @washingtonpost LTE
@DCPREP | 09:02 PM
TWITTER | MAY 18, 2017
Matched Families: Attend tonight's Anacostia Elem Prep for Success Open House, 5:30PM/1102 W St SE, and get #BoGo u…
@DCPREP | 05:34 PM
FACEBOOK | MAY 18, 2017
After the recent shooting in our Ward 5 community, Edgewood Middle Campus teacher Anna Salzberg penned this powerful Washington Post letter to the editor. A must read.
The coverage of the shooting on the 300 block of Franklin Street NE left out significant details [“Three juveniles, 3 men shot, wounded,” Local Digest, May 10]. It was a beautiful spring night at...
TWITTER | MAY 17, 2017
@MiekaWick @nsvf @CityBridgeEdu We're so proud of him, too, @DCPrep!
@DCPREP | 08:43 PM
TWITTER | MAY 17, 2017
RT @MiekaWick: So proud of Jahari kicking off the @nsvf Summit #DreamingBig and #LaunchingSchools @CityBridgeEdu
@DCPREP | 08:43 PM
TWITTER | MAY 17, 2017
"When we think about how to solve today's biggest problems, why don't we look to young people?" -Alum Jahari S.…
@DCPREP | 03:17 PM
TWITTER | MAY 16, 2017
Our Benning Middle Campus honors the #BlackLivesMatter movement. #SURJ today, and every day.
@DCPREP | 05:31 PM

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