DC Preppies are soaring academically, outpacing their peers in other public schools, and putting us closer to bridging the educational divide in Washington.

DC Prep’s Results at a Glance

DC Prep's incredibly talented and dedicated team members create a rigorous, stimulating, and joyful learning environment and it shows: our students are thriving!

In August 2019, DC elected officials publicly released the citywide latest PARCC results and, comparatively speaking, we are excited to share that, for the eighth year running, DC Prep was the highest-performing network of public charter schools citywide! In addition, all five campuses earned a Tier 1 ranking on the DC Public Charter School Board's 2019 School Quality Reports, the highest ranking for all public charter schools in the city. 

Our Preppies, their families, and our dedicated team members at each campus have done amazing work, and we have more hard work ahead to continue to ramp up the rigor in the years to come. Our goal remains to provide the very best education possible to students in Washington, DC.

For additional 2019 PARCC information, as well as information on citywide materials, click here. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the District of Columbia did not participate in the 2020 PARCC assessment. 

To read more about how the public charter sector performed on the 2019 PARCC assessment compared to traditional public schools citywide, click here.



What our Students are Saying

“DC Prep makes me feel so smart that I can go to college and get my master's degree. It also makes me feel safe and the rules are fair.”
Dane't, 3rd grader