Professional Development

DC Prep expects the best from its teachers and school leaders and helps them to achieve it. Professional development is an integrated, and integral, part of the DC Prep experience, and occurs in many forms.

Achieving Excellence, always for DC Prep’s talented team members and school leaders starts with hands-on support through the DC Prep First Years’ Cohort Program. Known as PREPiFY, this year-long program gives teachers the tools they need to succeed in their first year at DC Prep and make a smooth transition into their role and campus community. Monthly professional development sessions focused on a wide-range of topics, combined with social events for PREPiFY members, foster camaraderie among new teachers across each campus. 

In addition, every teacher receives targeted support based on their needs and school goals, as well as observations from multiple vantage points to ensure a continuous cycle of conversation, reflection, and improved instructional ability. This individual development, as well as grade level and content area teamwork in a departmentalized setting* make DC Prep a rich and vibrant learning environment for adults and students alike.

Every week, on Wednesday afternoons, professional development sessions led by DC Prep’s instructional leaders provide forums for modeling best practices, analyzing data, reviewing student work, and tailoring instructional practice to address areas of need. In addition, quarterly Data Days allow teachers and school leaders to use assessment results to develop re-teach plans and hone methods to increase student achievement.

Ultimately, DC Prep will grow to ten campuses enrolling 3,500 students. As part of this growth, we are committed to expanding the intensive professional development that has been a cornerstone of the DC Prep model to not only ensure success in current positions, but to prepare teachers and leaders for positions of increased responsibility as DC Prep expands. Through Prep LEAD (Leading Excellence At DC Prep), we are building a pipeline of exceptional leaders with the training, skills, and experience to implement the DC Prep model with fidelity and success as we grow to serve more students.

*DC Prep is departmentalized in 1st through 8th grade.

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