TWITTER | JUNE 22, 2017
Congrats to the many Class of 2017 @DCPrep student co-authors of the book - including Najae, featured on today's…
@DCPREP | 05:12 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 21, 2017
RT @mlerner10: Charter board reverses itself on DC Prep expansion plan @FOCUSdc @DCPrep @dcpcsb
@DCPREP | 01:14 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 20, 2017
"Preppies are some of the smartest, hardest-working students...& so are adults who show up every day." #WeAreDCPrep
@DCPREP | 08:56 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 20, 2017
RT @raymondweeden: Thank you @dcpcsb Board for a rich discussion and for allowing @DCPrep to open up more high-quality seats to DC's famili…
@DCPREP | 04:03 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 19, 2017
Charleena Lyles was a mother, sister, daughter, and friend. Hers was a life taken too soon. #BLM
@DCPREP | 05:43 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 18, 2017
Happy #FathersDay to all of the dads, grandads, and dad figures in our Preppies' lives!
@DCPREP | 12:30 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 17, 2017
“One of my Preppies looked up after sounding out words & said, ‘this is the best day ever!’” Read more #WeAreDCPrep
@DCPREP | 01:15 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 16, 2017
.@CREDOatStanford charter report: @DCPrep has 5th/6th highest math/reading growth impact of nat'l networks! @The74
@DCPREP | 05:19 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 16, 2017
Congrats to the incredible, college-bound graduates @balloudc! Way to go, @dcpublicschools!
@DCPREP | 01:45 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 15, 2017
Goodbye, 2016-17 school year. Hello, summer!
@DCPREP | 06:24 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 14, 2017
Did you know: In their spare time EEC Preppies are police officers, FBI agents, pilots, @WorldBank finance experts,…
@DCPREP | 05:35 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 14, 2017
#TBT f/ longstanding partner, @McnBuildDC. We're so excited to open the new Anacostia building in time for the upco…
@DCPREP | 01:47 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 13, 2017
You know the end of the school year is quickly approaching when it’s time for our 3rd grade “moving up” ceremony! T…
@DCPREP | 05:21 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 12, 2017
We honored our #Classof2017 at a packed graduation ceremony last week. So proud of our Preppies! #MondayMotivation
@DCPREP | 02:50 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 12, 2017
Join our team, and drive impact by helping teachers utilize data to create a lasting impact on students’ lives.…
@DCPREP | 12:45 AM
TWITTER | JUNE 08, 2017
#TBT Printmaking @PPW_dc: EEC Preppies worked on a poster celebrating the transition to EMC w/ an imaginative “to i…
@DCPREP | 05:05 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 08, 2017
RT @raymondweeden: Thank you @DFER_DC for visiting @DCPrep this morning. We are proud to fight with you to ensure quality education for all…
@DCPREP | 03:39 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 08, 2017
RT @DFER_DC: We had a great visit this morning at @DCPrep Benning! Thanks @raymondweeden for hosting!
@DCPREP | 03:16 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 05, 2017
Preppies building community relationships: Thx @DCPoliceDept & @AaronHolmesDC for discussing connection between loc…
@DCPREP | 02:41 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 05, 2017
RT @eriksonmath: Is there math in PLAY? Of course! Find examples of math concepts in children's play in our Focus on Play series: https://t…
@DCPREP | 01:21 PM