FACEBOOK | JUNE 22, 2017
Congrats to the many Class of 2017 DC Prep student co-authors of this book - including Najae, featured on today's episode of The Kojo Nnamdi Show!
TUNE IN TODAY AT NOON to The Kojo Nnamdi Show (88.5 FM) to hear Beacon House writer Najae talk about "The Day Tajon Got Shot," inspired by the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. Also on air will be Critical Exposure fellow/alum Amir Price, whose photos we are honored to feature in the book. We're so excited that author voices are being amplified in this way! — Products shown: The Day Tajon Got Shot.
FACEBOOK | JUNE 20, 2017
"DC Preppies are some of the smartest, hardest-working students in the District, and so are the adults who show up every day to participate in the process.“ Matthew Guerrero, Special Education Coordinator at our Benning Middle Campus, shares more about what draws him to DC Prep in the link below. #WeAreDCPrep
“DC Prep is a community of learners who are dedicated to fostering an environment where it is okay to make a mistake; where the larger theme is stepping up to the board, being vulnerable, and participating in the process. At DC Prep, there are enormous demands of both students and adults, and the re...
FACEBOOK | JUNE 19, 2017
Charleena Lyles was a mother, sister, daughter, and friend. Hers was a life taken too soon. Say her name. #BLM
Seattle police on Sunday shot and killed a 30-year-old old woman who had called officers to report an attempted burglary and then displayed a knife, SPD said. Police took three children from the home; the victim’s sister says the shooting was unnecessary.
FACEBOOK | JUNE 18, 2017
Happy #FathersDay to all of the dads, grandads, and dad figures in our Preppies' lives!
FACEBOOK | JUNE 17, 2017
" [...] One of the Preppies looked up at me from the carpet after successfully sounding out a handful of words and said, ‘this is the best day ever!’ I will never forget the pure joy she was experiencing learning how to read." Read more reflections on a pivotal DC Prep moment for Elizabeth Pillion, EEC AP of Early Childhood. #WeAreDCPrep http://bit.ly/WeAreDCPrep
FACEBOOK | JUNE 15, 2017
Goodbye, 2016-17 school year. Hello, summer!
FACEBOOK | JUNE 14, 2017
Did you know that in their spare time, our Edgewood Elementary Campus DC Preppies are police officers, movie directors, FBI agents, pilots, World Bank finance experts, assistant principals, and more? #CareerDay
FACEBOOK | JUNE 13, 2017
You know the end of the school year is quickly approaching when it’s time for our 3rd grade “moving up” ceremony! DC Preppies, team members, teachers, and families joined together to celebrate 3rd graders' official middle campus transition for the upcoming academic year. It was quite the community send-off!
FACEBOOK | JUNE 12, 2017
So proud of our #Classof2017! Click the link below to view photos from last week's jam-packed graduation ceremony. #MondayMotivation
Celebrating DC Prep's 11th Graduating Class
FACEBOOK | JUNE 11, 2017
Fun Fact: DC Prep's data systems generate over 10 million data points each year (no joke!). Members of the Data and Enrollment Team drive impact by helping school leaders and teachers utilize this data to create a lasting impact on students’ lives. They also manage enrollment processes for new students, while working hard to ensure that families’ first interaction with the DC Prep community starts on the right foot. If any of this sounds like a good fit for you, join our team as a Data and Enrollment Associate!
FACEBOOK | JUNE 08, 2017
DC Prep honored the #Classof2017 at a graduation ceremony filled with proud families, friends, team members, and alumni of the Edgewood Middle Campus. In keeping with DC Prep’s tradition, 100% of this year’s graduates have been accepted by college-prep high schools. Visit our website via the link below to learn more about tonight’s special graduation ceremony, and to see photos from the event!
FACEBOOK | JUNE 08, 2017
#TBT to exploring the printmaking process with DC Preppies and artists from the Pleasant Plains Workshop. Edgewood Elementary students worked on a collaborative design with artist Bethany Hansen for a poster celebrating the end of their 3rd grade year and transition to Edgewood Middle with an imaginative “to infinity and beyond” theme!
FACEBOOK | JUNE 05, 2017
DC Preppies are building relationships in the community. Thanks to the Washington Metropolitan Police Dept. for discussing the connection between our local police force and kids today at our Edgewood Middle Campus. #BLM
FACEBOOK | JUNE 04, 2017
Few things in life give you more pleasure than helping a child realize his or her potential for growth and then actually making that growth a reality. You’re open to feedback, eager to grow, and bring your best to everything you do. You look for joy in your day-to-day and want to work with others who do, too! If this sounds like you, we have Lead Teacher positions available for the upcoming 2017-18 school year. Join the DC Prep team!
FACEBOOK | JUNE 01, 2017
Celebrating a big milestone for DC Prep's Class of 2017: The bittersweet 8th grade farewell ceremony at our Edgewood Middle Campus. ??
FACEBOOK | MAY 29, 2017
Learn about a teacher's day at our Anacostia Elementary Campus, and consider joining our SY17-18 DC Prep team. Anacostia-based opportunities are available on our website...there's no harm in checking them out and giving yourself options!
FACEBOOK | MAY 26, 2017
In honor of Memorial Day, all DC Prep? campuses and the Home Office will be closed on Monday, 5/29. Take time this holiday weekend to reflect on our past and present veterans, active-duty servicewomen and men, their families, and the incredible sacrifices made for our country.
FACEBOOK | MAY 25, 2017
Summer's almost here! Find a rec center or pool near you through this handy DC Department of Parks and Recreation resource.
DPR's facility locator has been experiencing intermittent functionality and may crash from time to time. Currently our website team is working with OCTO to create a new, mobile and web friendly facility locator to replace the current facility locator.
FACEBOOK | MAY 22, 2017
We're so proud of this inspiring DC Prep parent for chasing and achieving her dreams. Congratulations to the whole family!! #MondayMotivation
A woman who was once homeless and addicted to drugs tells News4's Meagan Fitzgerald how she turned her life around for her children and has earned a master's degree from Catholic University. "If you see it, you believe it and you can achieve it," Petrina Williams said.
FACEBOOK | MAY 21, 2017
Pssst...We've got an opportunity to join our team as a Data and Enrollment Associate. You'll drive impact at a cluster of DC Prep campuses by managing the collection of all data for those schools - interpreting trends with teams so they can take action. DC Prep’s data systems generate over 10 million data points each year (no joke!). Fellow members of the Data and Enrollment Team help school leaders and teachers utilize data in ways that will create a lasting impact on students’ lives. Plus, you'll be responsible for managing the campus enrollment process for new students - ensuring that families’ first interaction with the DC Prep community starts on the right foot. Sound like a good fit? Learn more about the role on our website today!